Old Friends, New Adventures

One of my best friends, Jessica, came to town on Sunday! I met Jessica in the fall of 1994, during the fall semester of my first year in college at a party. Jessica walked up to me and introduced herself, we chatted a bit, and we have been friends ever since! Old friends are hard to come by, and I am always thankful for Jessica’s gift of friendship.

Jessica owned a scooter when she lived in Albuquerque, some years ago. She originally bought it as a cost-saving measure when gas prices were out of control. She rode it to work and looked pretty cute on her little red scooter. To ride a scooter, she needed a motorcycle license, but her scooter topped out at about 50 mph.

When she came to San Antonio, she rented a black H-D Hertiage so we could zip around together. I admit – I was a little worried about her safety, but Jessica is fearless, and she did just fine! When she picked up the bike, she rode around the parking lot a few times to get a feel for the clutch, and then we took off! We took the freeway, with me in the lead on my bike. Jessica said she was white knuckled on the freeway, but again, she rode like a boss!

Jessica with her 114 motor Heritage

Jessica and I rode our bikes out to New Braunfels, where we enjoyed some barbecue at Black’s. Then, we went on to Geronimo Creek Resort, where we had a treehouse cabin for a night. It was overlooking Geronimo Creek, where we swam and kayaked a bit. Jessica’s friend who now lives in New Braunfels (from Amarillo) joined us for the water fun and some games at night on the deck.

The cabin was adorable! There was a master bedroom with a king-size bed and closet, and the loft had two full-size beds and a chair. The living room had comfy couches, and there was a small kitchenette and dining area. The bathroom had a large walk-in shower. Jessica claimed the master bedroom and I enjoyed the loft! It really was a comfortable, fun place to stay, and I hope to go again.

The cabin

The cars could be parked under the cabin, but we parked our bikes a little to the side to park on grass instead of gravel. We had some neighbors in the next cabin, and at night, we had an enormous deck with tables, picnic tables, and grills. We did not grill anything since we were pretty satisfied from the barbecue earlier in the day.

The creek

The water in the creek was cool and refreshing. There was a dock with kayaks and paddle boards that visitors can use, so we went for a spin in the kayaks. We saw some little turtles in the water along the way. After kayaking, we swam and floated in the water while chatting and catching up with one another.

On the way home, we stopped at the oldest operating bakery in New Braunfels, TX. We got some pastries to take home in the saddle bags. Next, we headed home on River Road, we we got a picture under the flag. A nice man stopped and took the picture for us.

I love that Jessica and I are always willing to try new things. We are the kind of friends that can be apart, but feel like we saw each other just yesterday. We pick up right where we left off. We have a bucket list of other new adventures to keep us going. I love that we will remain old friends (in terms of years) who always feel youthful together.

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