Back to school with my Harley

I had my last “first day” of my doctoral program on August 26th. It is my fifth and final year of the journey, and every day, I am dissertating! I need to write, write, write, and to finish! I will be teaching two undergraduate courses, advising for one of the undergraduate student organizations, job searching, and… WRITING! I hope to throw some exercise into the mix too!

My friends gave me this light-up marquis sign as a birthday gift.

This year, I have decided to save money on parking at the university, and I only purchased a motorcycle parking permit. It saves me about $100, and it should save me a lot of time when looking for parking. In a car, one can easily spend 20 -30 minutes driving around campus (multiple lots) to find a parking space. Luckily, there is never a shortage of motorcycle parking, and it is actually closer to the building. The only negative: helmet hair.

I got a H-D backpack that can strap on to my sissy bar, and it is sturdy to protect my books and laptop. I had a professional sew my Rolling Thunder patch onto the front of the backpack, and it looks great, if I do say so myself! By riding a motorcycle, I will have to think about what I really need, and it will help limit how much I carry. I am usually over prepared and look like I am moving.

Something new for this year – we got a boxer on July 24th, and we named him Harley. He is the cutest dog I have ever seen, and his eyes are so expressive. Everyone comments on his beautiful face and expressive eyes. He is adopted from the Austin Boxer Rescue, and I cannot say enough about their great work. They work hard to maintain and improve the health of these dogs, they find foster families until they can be adopted, they have a rigorous application process that includes a home visit and interview, and they try to match people with the right dog. Harley is a wonderful addition to our family, but we do need to work on his separation anxiety. Because of the trauma he has experienced, he hates to be separated from us, and really gets himself worked up and into trouble when one of us leaves. This is to say that we have never left him alone yet, and we are working on just one person leaving at a time. This makes me want to get home faster, and I will probably minimize my time on campus this semester. I am a proud fur mama, and I probably drive people crazy. I am so thankful to have him with us!

Harley, the backseat driver
Harley has to make contact with us… he loves to sleep with his chin on us or at least have his foot or nose touching us.
the squeaky ball!
He lives in San Antonio – of course he has a squeaky taco!

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